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What to email your audience about when you don’t know what to write

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What to email your audience about when you don't know what to write

So you haven’t emailed your list in a while and you’ve decided you need to write an email so you can send… something?! But what should you email your audience about when you don’t know what to write?

You know you need to connect with your audience, but what do you say. You feel like you have so much going on, but you don’t feel like you have a lot to say?

It can be a little difficult for us service-based businesses. We don’t always have new things to launch or products to sell. It can often feel like we don’t have much going on apart from our client work. But, you probably have more going on than you thought.

And there is often something you can talk about in your email marketing, you just need to find it.

Here are my top tips for finding what to email your audience about when you don’t know what to write.

Tip1: Look at your Socials

Email Marketing can often get pushed to the bottom of the list, but Social Media is a bit more in your face, so you are often still posting on your Socials long after the deadline for your next email has passed.

Think about what you are writing about on Socials. Is there a post that got heaps of traction?

Grab that post, add to it and turn it into your next email. Done ✅

But won’t my audience get annoyed that they’ve seen it before? Um, no.

a) Social Media reach being what it is, they probably didn’t see it anyway.
b) Even if they did see it, they might need to hear it again. You often need to hear things over and over before they sink in, or is that just my husband 🤔
c) you are awesome and they want to hear from you, even if it is similar to what they see on Socials.

Tip 2: Repurpose

Yep, same as your Socials, you can send another email with similar content. Remember, your audience wants to hear what you do and who you are. Got a blog post from 10 years ago that still holds true? Revamp it as an email.

Sent an email a while ago that you have a new spin on? Re-write parts of it and send it again.

Your audience often won’t remember what they have read from you in the past. Plus you will, hopefully, have a whole bunch of new subscribers that never saw it in the first place.

Tip 3: Re-engage

If it’s been a while since you have sent your audience anything, its time to re-engage. Send an email to re-introduce yourself. Feel free to acknowledge that you haven’t emailed in a while, but don’t make over the top apologies.

The idea is to send something similar to a welcome email, where you let everyone know who you are and what you do. Simples!

What to email your audience about when you don't know what to write

Tip 4: Ask your Audience

Ask what your audience what they want you write about. The bonus for this is you get one email done with a simple question, then the responses will give you heaps of future content.

It will also motivate you when you start to see responses coming in. You may just realise how awesome you truly are.

And if you don’t get many responses, then at least you’ve got one email done.

tip 5: get some heLP

Here’s the thing, you don’t have to do everything yourself.

Read that again!

As business owners, we feel like we are responsible for EVERYTHING!

You need to learn to outsource. Get some outside help. Why not get someone else to write your email for you. Hint, hint!

I could write your next email for you. Or your could get a copywriter to write you a blog post that you can re-purpose as an email.

You could even just get part of the email written by someone else. If you have friends who are in business, do they have some tips they could share with your audience? Ask them to write you a short article on their area of expertise, add it to your next email and suddenly your email is half written for you. Reach out to some people and see what you can come up with together.

There it is, my top tips on finding something to write about when you have no idea what to say. Remember, just like with Social Media, you want to engage your audience with quality content.

Use your emails to educate, inspire and entertain your audience. You don’t always have to follow the same formats or constantly be launching something new, you just need to be in conversation with your people.

And if you are really stuck, I got your back. Get in touch and we can brainstorm some ideas together.

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