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What is the big deal about Email Marketing?

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Email Marketing is often touted as being one of the best marketing channels available to you, but what exactly is the big deal about email marketing?

First off, a quick rundown – Email Marketing is the act of promoting your services and engaging your audience through email. You know, that thing that has been on your to-do list, forever. Or maybe you started because some expert told you to, but you don’t really know why.

Well, here are my top benefits for why your marketing should include Emails.

own your list

You may be more comfortable with Social Media. You probably favour either Instagram or Facebook and are getting some really good reach, but good reach for most Social Media Channels is still only around 4%. Thanks pesky algorithm!

Even more terrifying is that these big channels can decide at any moment to diminish your reach, completely shut down your pages – or worse, disappear completely. What would everyone in the world do without mindless scrolling being available to us 24/7?! Oh, the horror of not being able to see what Great Aunty Suzie did on her weekend. I shouldn’t joke that, I am a Great Aunty, but you get the picture.

If something happened and the Facebook servers completely shut down tomorrow, would you still be able to serve your clients and reach your ideal audience?

You are already on the journey

Your subscribers asked to join your mailing list, whether that be because you have a kick-ass opt-in or just because they already love you and what you do. They gave you their email address.

They want to hear from you and they want to know more of what you are all about. Use your email marketing to let them know what you do and who you are. Give them little snippets of your life and business and let them feel like they are part of the club.

Get your message to the right people

Remember, your subscribers asked to be there, so you already know they are your perfect audience. With 20% open rates, compared to the 4% reach of Social Media, remember that pesky algorithm?! Email marketing is getting your message out there and, more importantly, to the right people. You know, people that will actually engage your services.

Return on Investment

Email marketing is massive for return on investment. In fact, according to an eMarketer study, the average ROI for email marketing is around 122%. That’s four times higher than any other digital marketing channel.

That might mean a lot for an ecommerce or product business, but what does it mean for a service-based business? It means that when you send emails, people are more likely to engage your services. They are more likely to hit whatever call to action button you have placed in your email and contact you for further information or book your service.

All that, for a fraction of the cost of some other marketing channels. It’s cost-effective and it works.

Email is Personal

This is, in my opinion, the biggest and best reason you should be doing email marketing. Email is one to one. You are emailing your clients, or potential clients, directly. And if you craft your emails right, they will feel like you are talking to them and only them. It’s the digital version of taking someone for a coffee and talking shop.

It’s private for your subscribers, they read the emails when they want to, rather than it being in their face while scrolling. They can even reply to you in private. They can ask questions direct to your inbox and it builds trust. It builds that connection that everyone craves and is wonderful for your business.

Email is a way to truly serve, connect and inspire your subscribers. Email Marketing really is a pretty big deal. If you are not using it, you should be and if you are using it, but feel you need some help, that’s what I am here for.

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