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Email Marketing software set up

Want to get started with your email marketing, but don’t have the time to learn how to get it all set up?

Want someone to come in and get everything set up for you, so you can just start getting great content out to your audience?


If you haven’t already, You may want to download my No Fuss Way to set up your Email Marketing

If you have already downloaded it… Great. 

But, are you using it? 

Or did you let it sit there and never really got around to doing much. 

It’s ok, I get it. It took me years to start my own email marketing. Yes, the old cliché – The email marketer didn’t do email marketing!

So, what now?!

Don’t worry.

I got you!

HOW does this sound?

You have a quick session with me on what you need out of your software.

I help you choose a software and you sign up to your platform of choice.

Then you sit back and relax for a bit.

In the meantime, the magical email marketing fairy (me) gets busy working on getting everything set up and ready to go.

You come back to a fully functional email marketing system, ready to start growing your email lists and get sending all your valuable emails out to a warm, cosy audience.

If you are sick of Social Media owning your audience and want to reach an audience that really wants to hear from you, then I’m your girl. 

Hey there, I’m Mel and I love to work with a range of motivated and inspiring women in business to get their email marketing tech SORTED. I am the email list detangler and automation setter, working behind the scenes and allowing other business owners to be free to grow their business, and get back to their lives!

Make sure you are reaching your clients directly at their inbox.

Right when they are ready to hear from you.


With email marketing!

Get everything you need, all set up for you and ready to go. 


What you Get...

First up, you will jump on a Zoom with me and we will work out a plan for everything you need in for your email marketing tech to be set up and working for you.

Then it’s time to sign up to your preferred Email Marketing Software.

Don’t know which one you want to use?

No stress, let’s figure it out together. We’ll discuss it in our Zoom call and come up with a recommendation that will suit you and your business. 

Once you have signed up, then it’s over to me…

  • I get all your details set up in your system of choice.
  • I get all your branding set up so everything looks cohesive with your website and Socials.
  • I’ll get all your forms working for you and integrated with your website so sign up is a breeze for your audience.
  • I’ll set up a template email or two in your branding so all you need to do is type in your content and hit send.



  • We can work on a plan of what emails you want to send out in future. 
  • I can set up Canva templates for all your email graphic needs.
  • I can provide little training videos of how to use your template emails, set up landing pages for future campaigns and any other questions you have about the future use of your software.


I want you walking away with a fully operational email marketing system that is right for YOU. 

Feel confident, knowing that you CAN work on growing your audience, keeping them nice and cosy, ready to hear from you, directly in their inbox. 

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