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Done for you
Welcome Email Sequence

What happens once you get that all important subscriber on your email list?

Would you love to be able to nurture your new subscriber while they are most excited and willing to hear from you?!

Of course you would.

So, let’s get a Welcome Email Sequence set up and automatically sending so you can make your subscribers feel all nice and cosy on your list.

Mel Vinen Virtual Assistant

I see you.

Trying to do ALL the things in your business.

There is so much marketing involved, but you just want to serve your clients.

You are trying to juggle all the different marketing aspects of your business and email marketing keeps falling to the bottom of the list.

You know that if you had a welcome sequence, your email marketing would work wonders for you, but you just don’t have the time or the knowledge to set it all up.

“Why can’t someone just do it for me?”

I hear you ask.


Let’s do it!

I can set up an automated welcome sequence of 3-5 emails for you in your software of choice.

But, what does that mean?!

Well, when someone signs up via that little footer thing your web designer added to your website, they will receive an email, automatically. You don’t even have to access your software, it just sends. Like Magic!

The first email is usually just a thanks for signing up and reminding them what they signed up for.

We then go into more detail about who you are and what you do in the following emails. Again, these are all automated and you don’t have to lift a finger to send them. 

Or maybe you developed a cool little free thing to entice people to sign up.

Warm up those new subscribers and get them wanting more from you, maybe even being willing to pay for it with a done for you Welcome Sequence of emails.

Hi, I’m Mel and I love to work with a range of motivated and inspiring women in business to get their email marketing tech SORTED. I am the email list detangler and automation setter, working behind the scenes and allowing other business owners to be free to grow their business, and get back to their lives!

Make sure you are reaching your audience, at the start, when they want to hear from you.

They literally just asked you to email them, so do it!

Get a Welcome email sequence done and working for you.

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