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Reasons to Hire a Local Virtual Assistant

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1. Time Zone
If you need the added ‘touch’ during the day, even if it is just a phone call or an urgent project done, it is much more beneficial to have a Virtual Assistant in the same time zone.

2. Understanding of the Local Market
A local Virtual Assistant will not only have local knowledge, but may even have connections with possible suppliers, providers or even clients.

3. Less Training
With a local Virtual Assistant, there is no training in regard to things like Australian law. For example, if a local Virtual Assistant is doing your bookkeeping, they are already aware of the ATO and its legislation.

4. Physical Presence
Although a Virtual Assistant is ‘Virtual’, there may be occasions where they need to be physically available, be it for company meetings or events, or even just to have a coffee and catch up on what work has been done or is coming up. Plus, it is always nice to put a face to a name when working so closely with someone.

5. No ‘Lost in Translation’ issues
Australia has its own culture and identity, little things like the slang we use or certain jokes. The chances of things being ‘lost in translation’ with an Australian Virtual Assistant are much slimmer.

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