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Welcome Email Sequence (inc Templates for each email)

You are working on building a fantastic email list, but you don’t know what to do once your audience gets there. My Done By You Welcome Email Sequence will help you nurture your audience so that they will be eating out of your hand and buying up all the things you have to offer them.

Let me hold your hand through the process of creating your own Welcome Sequence.

The PDF eBook will guide you through the process of creating your own Welcome Sequence. It is packed full of info on what they are, how to use them, even how to write them. But if you think I’m going to leave it at that, you are mistaken. I’m not going to make you do ALL the work of writing your own sequence, you also get my ready to use templates (or swipe files) for each email in the sequence.

“I love this Welcome Sequence eBook and template. It’s so helpful for business owners who are creating their own email welcome sequence. Mel explains the welcome sequence process and purpose so simply, in a way that anyone can understand. I think the most valuable thing in this book is the email sequence timing, content and swipe files, which I know so many people struggle with. It’s going to shortcut the learning curve for so many people, and they’re going to see a much greater return on their email marketing investment because of it. Highly recommend!

How it works

Once purchased you will get immediate access to a PDF ebook which will guide you through how to write your your awesome welcome email sequence. You also get links to email templates in Google Docs. Just copy and paste the text in your emails, fill in the blanks and your welcome sequence is ready to go.

Let’s do this!

Learn all about the power of a great Welcome Sequence, then all you need to do is copy and paste my template files into your preferred email marketing software.

Don’t take my word for it

“This guide is everything I hoped it would be. I tells me just why I need a good email sequence in my life, and how it best works. However the purchase was worth it for the swipe files alone – I’ve always struggled with what to write and when, how many emails to send etc – this just lays it all out for me which is exactly what I needed. If you’re confused or struggling with your email marketing then you need this!!”

Jo from SoJo Social


Learn all about the power of a great Welcome Sequence, then just copy and paste my template into your service marketing software, add your own flair and you will be warming up your audience making them feel like that first bite of a cookie straight out of the oven.


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