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How to create an email marketing strategy

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How to create an email marketing strategy

While I am all about the tech when it comes to email marketing, I know that having an email marketing strategy is essential to creating successful email campaigns.

A strategy means all your emails are working towards your goals. It keeps your message on target and gives you a plan.

So, how do you develop an email marketing strategy?

Who are writing to?

I know, I know, every one out there is telling you that it all comes down to your target audience and frankly, you are sick of hearing it. But the reason everyone says it, is because it’s true.

If you have been in business for a little bit, you probably have a client avatar written down somewhere. Maybe you use it all the time, but it’s more likely that it gets shuffled around your desk and you never really pay attention. Now is the time to shake it off and give it an update.

You don’t need to have it perfect, you just need to know who are writing for. What are their needs, wants, problems, questions? What do they want to hear from you?

The goal is to know your audience so you can send emails that resonate.

What are your Goals?

Speaking of goals, the next step is to figure out why you have decided to start email marketing.

  • Is it to grow your list?
  • Is it to get more clients/revenue?
  • Is it to increase your brand awareness?
  • Is it to inform or educate your audience?

It could be a few of these or a whole bunch of other reasons. The important thing is to have a think about why you are sending emails to your audience. Then you will be able to match your campaigns to your goals. You can avoid fluffing around sending emails that don’t align with your overall ideas.

What about Content?

 The next piece of the puzzle is the actual content. What kind of emails do you want to send?

There is no point in growing an amazing list that aligns with your target audience, if you never send anything. Think about what you do that you want to let your audience know about. Maybe you have a podcast that you want to send them each week, maybe you want to send them your blogs, give them a whole bunch of good old tips and tricks for your industry or you just let them know what is happening in the world of you.

Think about how often you will send an email. What kinds of automations or sequences do you want to create? Make sure your emails will mesh with your branding.

How are you tracking?

Once you are actually sending emails, how are you going to track their success?  

Have a look at your Email Marketing Software and see how you can create some meaningful reports on stats. The most obvious stats to track are your open rates and click rates. I know this bit is not particularly exciting, but it is a key piece to have in place. For now, you just need to know what to track and how to track it.

Once you have the above sorted out, you are well on your way to having a basic email marketing strategy.

Once you have an email marketing strategy, you are ready to dive into the world of email marketing. But how? I hear you ask. You need to get your hands on my super handy checklist. Download my guide to setting up your email marketing – the no-fuss way!

And as always, if you need some assistance in setting up your email marketing or getting to the next level, get in touch today.

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