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Creating Engaging Video Content For Social Media

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It’s no secret that Social Media Channels like Facebook and Instagram favour Video Content. In fact “Engagement numbers for videos posted to top media publisher accounts worldwide increased by 53% year over year in May, surpassing the 46% growth rate seen for photos over the same Time frame,” according to a report from eMarketer.

Whether it’s a Facebook Live, pre-recorded video, Instagram Story or IGTV – there is no getting away from how valuable this content can be. But, how do we optimise video content and what options are available across the platforms.

Firstly, there are quite a few options available:

Facebook Live

Most people are familiar with the format of a Facebook Live You go live on your Facebook page and anyone who gets notifications from the page is alerted to the fact that you are live. They can then interact with your video in real time. Facebook Lives tend to generate a larger engagement and reach than most Facebook posts.

But what if, like me, you hate the thought of having a camera set up and having to ‘wing it’…

Facebook Premiere

All the benefits of a Facebook Live in terms of real time engagement from your followers, but it is actually pre-recorded content. Facebook Premiere lets you build some buzz around the video by giving your followers reminders that the video is coming up.

Series Episodes in Facebook

You can also create a video series in Facebook, just click series within the Content Library. Followers who have watched a video in the series will be able to see the other videos in the series and will be able to continue watching more of your videos.

Instagram Video

Short and Sweet, these videos need to be under a minute and post to your grid (or feed). Can be pre-recorded, even professional, videos.

Instagram Stories

Instagram stories are where it’s at on Insta! You can shoot directly to your Instagram Story or you can add pre-recorded content. Instagram will give you 15 seconds before creating the next story in your sequence, watch your timing and you should be able to finish it perfectly at the end of a 15 second bracket.  

Instagram Live

Similar to Facebook Live. It’s a live video where you can interact with your audience in real time.


The new kid on the block in terms of Social Media Video and Instagram’s first standalone video platform. You can create episodes up to 10 minutes each for smaller brands. You do need to create a channel, but Instagram has made this super easy for you.

Monetising video for Facebook (TBA)

Facebook are now allowing monetisation through Ad breaks in your videos. You do need to be eligible and approved by Facebook.

You tube

Then there is the old classic, You tube. Still king of video content in some demographics, however, if you are using video to increase your Social Media presence, it is best to upload the video direct to your Social Media instead of creating a Youtube video to link to.


So, how do you make sure people actually watch your video…

Brand Awareness

Always consider your brand and your message, make sure the video looks and feels like it is coming from you and your brand. If it is a live, consider wearing your brand colours.

Make sure the thumbnail showcases your brand. To put in a thumbnail, hover your mouse over a video you’ve just uploaded, click options, and then edit it. Facebook will give you a choice of 10 thumbnails to choose from.

Consider what you are trying to say

What is the story you are telling in your video? You want the video to be short and sharp, so make sure you stick to the plot. Plan it out if you have to, but only tell one story at a time.

Make it quick

There is so much information out there, you want to make sure your videos are short enough to keep people’s attention. Users don’t go to Facebook to watch long videos, they are usually mindlessly scrolling content and may stop on your video for a few seconds. So keep it short and sweet.

Caption the video

Most of us scroll Facebook while doing a million other things, so we don’t always have the sound on. Make sure your followers can still play along with subtitles or dynamic text and graphics instead of voiceover recordings.

Make it a Feature

Once the video is done, you can feature it on your page. In the videos tab, your feature video will auto-play.

But, what do you do a video about? There are so many things you can do a video about, but some of the more engaging videos are based on:

Behind the Scenes

Show your followers where you work, who you work with and what you’re doing. If you’re working at a coffee shop or co-working space one day, show it off!


Educate your followers by showing them a step by step video on how to do something. Maybe answer a frequently asked question in this format.


Running a competition on your page, get on a Facebook Live and talk about it with your followers.


Make sure your followers don’t miss out on your next amazing event, do a video and link it to the events tab of your Facebook Page.


Did you do an interview with someone you admire? Do you have a podcast? Ask someone a few questions and pop it up as a Facebook or Instagram Video.

While most of us don’t really want to get in front of the camera, the stats certainly show that it could Dramatically increase your reach and engagement across a few Social Media Channels. Start small and you might be amazed by how much you love it!