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Creating and Scheduling Social Media

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Social Media doing your head in? Not sure what to post? Running out of time and just posting something random to get a post out that day?

You’re not alone.

Let’s face it, social media is time consuming. Whether you’re scrolling and get lost down a rabbit hole of cat Videos or trying to post your business content, before you know it you’ve spent hours and have nothing to show for it.

But even if you find the time, what do you post?

Here’s my tips on creating and scheduling your social media, including a free content calendar just for you.

1. Create a Social Media Calendar

Google Social Media Calendars and you will find thousands you can download or buy, but personally, I just use an Excel or Word document. Just make sure you have something that specifies what content you would like to post on which days. Mine looks like this:

As you can see, I have a calendar and fill in my theme days, then the specific item I want to post about. Some of the calendars I have developed for clients include the name of the saved image to use, exact caption of the post and any hashtags to be used for Instagram.

2. How often to Post

While we are talking calendars, how often should you post?

This depends on the platform. Experts agree that when posting to Instagram, you should be posting daily content. This could be a post or a story.

Facebook is not as reliant on daily posts, but it is still suggested to post 3-4 times a week.

3. Have somewhere to store all your ideas

Ideas for what to post do not always come when you are sitting down ready to schedule your social media. So, make sure you have a system for capturing those ideas when they strike. Use the notess on your phone, save articles you want to share or funny (but, relevant) memes you’ve found. Then when it comes time to schedule, get out all your ideas and put them in the calendar.

There are even apps that will save things you find from different channels – social media, internet searches etc – and put them all in one easy to find place when you need them.

Note: It is always polite to credit the original poster when you are sharing a Meme or image. Give credit where it is due.

4. Utilise Theme Days

Although the popularity of #throwbackthursday may of dwindled, having some set theme days can help when scheduling your posts. As you can see I try to post a ‘Tuesday Tip’ and a ‘Friday Funny’. You don’t have to promote that this is a theme day, but it helps to categorise your posts.

On that, the next tip is to…

5. Categorise your Posts

Pick a few ideas or subjects to post about. Obviously your products or services will be the main categories, but throw in a few personal ones too. For example, I post a bit about my Coffee addiction (I have two toddlers, I NEED my coffee!). So in my phone, I have a selection of images, Memes and quotes about coffee. instead of spending an hour trying to find the perfect quote about how important coffee is when the baby didn’t sleep, I can just look in my phone.

6. Batch your Social Media Posts

Don’t just create your posts one at a time. If you’re using Canva to create a design, why not do a couple. Use your creative energy when you have it and get a few posts ready to go at once. You’d be surprised how much time this can save.

You can also schedule your posts in batches. If you don’t have a third party app like hootsuite, Planoly or Later, you can still schedule posts in Facebook. And, you can use Facebook’s new Creator Studio to schedule content for your linked Instagram account.

If you don’t want to lose the element of Spontaneity, schedule 2-3 posts a week and leave some time free to post ‘on-the-go’. This way, when life and business get in the way, you are still getting out some posts each week.

7. Repurpose your content

Did you write an awesome blog that got heaps of traction a year ago? Post it again. Or better yet, use the information in it for separate posts. Post a tip from the blog, create a video based on it, send it out in your email newsletter (ok, that one’s not social media, but it’s still a good idea). Just because you’ve already posted it, doesn’t mean everyone saw it. There is so much information on Facebook that it would be near impossible to see (and remember) every post from every page and group that you follow.

8. Download my Social Media Content Calendar

Still don’t know what to post, well, I have the solution. Download my Social Media Content Calendar. A month’s worth of content ideas all wrapped up for you.

9. Outsource

My final tip – when all else fails, outsource. Get a Virtual Assistant (or Social Media Manager) and get them to create and schedule your Social Media for you. As A VA, I can source, design, schedule, Post and Report on your content, saving you hours each and every week.

If this sounds like something you need help with, get in touch.