Automated Emails – What, Why and When

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Email marketing is one of the most successful forms of marketing, but it can be difficult to master, especially if you’re short on time, which, let’s face it, aren’t we all. This is where email automation can come in very handy.

Automated emails are more personalised and relevant to the recipient and therefore are much more likely to be opened and clicked on. Ever get a Welcome email, Birthday email or an Order Receipt on email? Unless the company was paying someone to sit there and wait for you to order something, these would of been automated. And they are not just for big companies. With a little set up work, you can target specific audiences with specific messages without having to do anything.

So, why would you send an automated email?

Transaction Emails

If you have an online store, you are probably already sending automated receipts. You may even be sending a few emails with some extra info, such as shipping details and updates. But you could also be sending additional emails to anyone who has purchased your products…

Follow Up Emails

Although, you can’t really send promotional information in a transaction email, you can use the information from the transaction to send additional emails enticing customers to purchase further or ‘add-on’ products and services. For example, “you’ve just purchased these jeans, how about taking a look at this cute top?”

Indecisive Buyers

On the same track as following up on actual customers, you probably also get a few people who fill up their shopping cart on your site, then leave (Anyone else started late night online shopping, then fell asleep before getting to the checkout?!) You can set up automated emails to remind them to come back and purchase the products in their cart.

Welcome Campaigns

Someone has just signed up to your mailing list – great! Now what? Send them an automated email to say Hi. You can even send them a series of emails to let them know about you, your company, your products and/or how to use your services.

Event Marketing

Got a big event coming up and want to make sure you get lots of attendees, set up an automated email campaign to introduce the event and get people buying tickets, then remind them that the event is coming up.

Birthday emails

Who doesn’t love getting messages or even special offers on their birthday?! If your email list includes birthdays for your customers, set up an automated email to send them a little birthday cheer.


We all know that customer feedback is really valuable to any business, so why not send out customer feedback surveys via automated email. Get a better idea of what your customers want and gain some valuable insight – all done automatically.

It can take a bit to set up, but once done, automated emails can be a really profitable piece of your marketing strategy. If you want some further info or would like some assistance in setting up automated emails for your business, get in touch today.