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about me

I love to help people and I have always felt that administration was my way of helping. To be able to make someone else’s life that little bit easier is what I truly love to do. Working behind the scenes and allowing other business owners to be free to grow their business with email marketing, get back to their lives and just live!

You want to make a difference in this world

Starting your business was all about teaching and supporting your clients. Showing your clients how to enrich their lives, their health and their businesses. 

But you feel like all you do is get bogged down, overwhelmed with all the stuff you need to get done. You are spending so much time doing things IN your business that you have no time to work ON your business, let alone grow. 

You are spending so much time trying to get your email marketing software to work the way you want it that you don’t have any left for your clients, growth or YOURSELF!

You didn’t get into business for this, you wanted to make an impact.

All you want is to help your clients live their best lives and I want to help you do it. 

Mel Vinen Virtual Assistant
Mel Vinen Virtual Assistant


Stop spending your precious time trying to sort out your email marketing lists and sending individual emails when you know it could be automated. Stop ghosting your email audience and start getting well-designed, professional emails sent regularly. 

Allow yourself to grow your business through email marketing.

For almost 20 years prior to having tiny humans, I was a high level Administrator.  You’re in good hands with me, I’m reference and standards checked by some of our top industry groups and there are very little issues I have not come across. I hit the ground running and can problem solve any hurdles I come across.


I’m Mel, wife and Mum of two adorable tiny humans. I love Netflix, reading and wine. A massive chocoholic and I would not survive without my coffee! 

After my daughter was born, I realised just how many amazing people were in business with a mission to help those in their community. It was my love of learning; about myself; about these businesses; and about life in general (yes, I know, I’m a geek), along with my passion for helping as many people as possible, that led me to the world of being a Virtual Assistant.

I thrive on helping small businesses by providing high quality assistance with your email marketing software.

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Certified Find a VA, Quality VA, Quality Virtual Assistant
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