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5 ways to grow your email list

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You’ve picked a software system, you’ve got all the tech set up, you even have a lead magnet and a welcome sequence to get your subscribers nice and cosy on your list. But how to do actually grow your email list and get subscribers?

It’s wonderful to have everything set up and ready to go in the background, but now is time to get out there and promote your list.

Here are 5 ways you can promote your list and/or your lead magnet.

Get social

You probably have at least one Social Media channel for your business, so use it to your advantage. It doesn’t matter if it is Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest or any other form of Social Media, you will usually have more followers on Socials than you do subscribers.

That’s great!

You can get those followers to become subscribers.

Do some Social Media posts that get your list out there. Remember that most of your followers don’t see every post of yours, so make it a regular and recurring thing.

If you have a lead magnet, promote it. Promote, promote, promote. Do so many posts and stories about it that you feel like everyone is sick of you.

Trust me – they aren’t sick of you or your lead magnet. They probably still didn’t even see it.


If you are part of any Facebook Groups that let you share these things. DO IT!

Take a look at your Facebook Groups and see if any of them have a “Share your freebie Friday” or something similar. You may find you can actually promote to quite a few of your groups (despite all those no self-promotion rules). Just make sure you are not actually breaking any of those rules or you are more likely to get kicked out than get new subscribers.

add subscribe links

Like, everywhere!

On every page of your website, on your Socials, on your email signature, on your blogs, even on your business cards.

The link to subscribe to your list or download your freebie should be in your audiences face.

Get them to do the hard work

By that I mean, create juicy, shareable emails and get your subscribers to promote to their friends.

Particularly if you have written something a-mazing, make it easy for your people to share with their people. They could click forward on your email, but if you prompt them to “share with a friend” and add a handy little button, they may actually click on it.

Get your audience thinking about their cool/smart/awesome friend that would love your content and make it easy for them to send a sign up.

Make it easy

The most important thing is that you make it easy. People are busy, they don’t have time to read a massive landing page and they don’t want to answer 20 questions.

Keep your sign up form easy and short. Just some info on what they can expect and ask for a name and email. That is all you need.

When all else fails

Pay for it

I’m all about growing your list organically, but sometimes you gotta pay.

If you have a fantastic lead magnet, why note create an ad on Social Media to promote to a much wider audience?

For relatively little investment, you could end up with a whole bunch of new subscribers that are ready to buy what you are selling.

Try to make the ad content so good that people can’t wait to get on your list and settle them there with an equally awesome welcome sequence. This will ensure the best return on your investment.

If you want to grow your email list but you are not sure how, why not get on the waitlist for my next 5 day list building challenge?

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