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The 4 Steps to Email Marketing

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4 steps to email marketing

You know email marketing is ranked as the most effective form of digital marketing. You know how awesome it is to own your connections and have the ability to reach them directly on their time, so why haven’t you started?

Maybe you feel too busy, too overwhelmed, like it’s just one more thing that you can not possibly fit in. Or maybe, you’re just not sure how to get started.

It’s actually pretty simple. There are just 4 main steps to email marketing:

  1. Get the Software
  2. Set it Up
  3. Get an audience
  4. Start Sending

The Software

First up, the software. This one is the most talked about issue when it comes to email marketing. I am constantly seeing questions in my Facebook Groups about which is the best software to use. Here’s a hint, make sure you catch my next blog (wink, wink).

The bigger hint – it doesn’t really matter. They all do similar things, for similar costs in similar ways. Do your research, but go with the one that seems to feel right. The best email marketing software is the one you will actually use, so choose one that works for you.

Set it Up

Once you have chosen the software, it is time to set it up. This will mean different things for different systems. But, basically you will need to enter all your details, links to your socials and set up your lists.

Depending on the software, I recommend having fewer lists, in fact, one is perfect. Too many lists can get rather messy and I prefer the ease of simply removing tags and adding others instead of having to move subscribers between lists.  Plus, having only one list avoids the same subscriber being on more than one list, it could even save you money.

However, this does not mean that you can’t target certain groups of people in your emails. You can segment the list by tags and groups, enabling you to send certain emails to certain sets of your audience.

Get an audience

Of course, none of this is relevant without eventually getting an audience. There are various ways you can get people to sign up to your list. Potentially the most valuable of these is having an opt-in (otherwise known as a lead magnet or freebie). Something of value, usually a downloadable, that you can give your audience in exchange for their email address.

There are other options if you are not quite ready to develop an opt-in yet. Set up a sign-up form on your website, promote it through your Socials, even in your email signature. You should get a few subscribers and you will be able to start getting comfortable with your email marketing while you set up some delectable opt-ins that your audience just cannot resist.  

Start sending

Now we get to the fun bit. It’s time to start sending. Your audience may be small to start with, but this is the perfect time to practice. Get comfortable with your email marketing software and your content and get sending. It doesn’t have to be perfect and it doesn’t have to be every day, it just has to be done.

The best email to start with, in my opinion, is a Welcome email. Set up an automated email that send to your subscribers when they first sign up to your list. This will let them know a little more about you and who you are, while warming them up and getting them used to hearing from you.

Get these 4 steps into place and you will find that email marketing is not as daunting as it seems.

It is really is that simple, but if you need some more detailed steps (and maybe a super handy checklist to tick off as you get your email marketing set up), then why not download my guide to setting up your email marketing – the no-fuss way!

If the idea of having yet another download to work through does your head in, then why not let me take control of your email marketing set up for you. Click here to learn more about what I can do to get your email marketing software all set up an working for you.

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