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Mel Vinen - Virtual Assistant

Email Marketing Specialist Australia

Stop spending your precious time trying to muddle your way through your email marketing systems and get back to your life. Let me be your email marketing specialist and untangle your email marketing lists, set automations and provide email marketing services so you can get back to making an impact in your clients lives.

I love to help people and I have always felt that administration was my way of helping. To be able to make someone else’s life that little bit easier is what I truly love to do. Working behind the scenes and allowing other business owners to be free to grow their business, get back to their lives and just live!

About Me

I’m Mel, wife and Mum of two adorable tiny humans. I love Netflix, reading and wine. I’m a massive chocoholic and I would not survive without my coffee! 

After my daughter was born, I realised just how many amazing people were in business with a mission to help those in their community. It was my love of learning; about myself; about these businesses; and about life in general (yes, I know, I’m a geek), along with my passion for helping as many people as possible, that led me to the world of being a Virtual Assistant.

I thrive on helping small businesses by providing
high quality email marketing system assistance.

Mel Vinen Virtual Assistant
Email Marketing


Email marketing was something you started because you know it will help your business grow. Maybe you got really excited about it all and were sending regular emails, but know it just sits there, another thing on your To-Do List. You know what needs to be done, or what you want to do, but you are simply running out of time. Overwhelmed with all the tech and how to make your lists work and your automations run smoothly, you just can’t seem to make it a priority.

All you want is to help your clients live their best lives and I want to help you do it through untangling your email lists and setting up your email automation sequences.

You know you need some help with your email marketing, but you still want to try and muddle through on your own?


 I love it when my clients want to learn what I know. 

That is why I create digital products to help you get the most from your own email marketing efforts. 

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